I consider her my mentor of choice.

“Courtney Edwards is the entire package. She possesses the objectivity, compassion and intelligence necessary to provide individualized and authentic advice.

I met Courtney in my very first graduate class. As the instructor she quickly put a cohort of non-traditional learners at ease, met each student where they were at and fostered confidence.

After I earned my master’s degree, I continued to turn to Courtney for career and personal guidance and five years after graduation I consider her my mentor of choice and my friend. 

Courtney is my greatest cheerleader and it gives me supreme pleasure to endorse her as she launches her coaching business. I have no doubt that future clients will benefit from her support as have I.” ~Kathy

She never gives up on you.

“Courtney’s counsel has been invaluable to me. Her tireless dedication and compassion were key factors in my current success. She never gives up on you, but will always push you to do better. I’m forever grateful.” ~Gabriela 

…we created a meaningful bond..

 “Courtney was more than a mentor. She motivated me to go out of my comfort zone where I was able to grow as a person and as a leader. It has been a pleasure and honor having to work with Courtney because we created a meaningful bond between each other. I considered myself a lucky person to have met a beautiful human being like Courtney.” ~Maria

Courtney has played an integral role in my emotional, mental and overall personal growth.

“Four years ago, Courtney was introduced into my life, and with time and trust, she naturally became someone I like to call my “life mentor.” Courtney really took the time and allowed the space for me to come to her and serve as a listening ears for my needs, while still keeping the utmost professionalism & integrity. This itself made it easier for her to have what I like to call “a rented lifetime share in my heart” without even knowing it.

Courtney has played an integral role in my emotional, mental and overall personal growth through out college as a first-generation student who formerly believed that “asking for assistance” was a sign of mere weakness. That was out the window with Courtney, as her style of counseling is what kept me visiting her — she listens, remembers, and ultimately, appropriately exhibits her own experiences through what seems to be a parallel “story telling” which made me feel more comfortable with her. So passionate about what she does that she has even recommended unique self-care exercises that afterwards made me look deeper at the situations I faced at hand. I always left my appointments with her feeling rejuvenated and grateful to have someone as genuine and empathetic as her. I’ve learned that looking for the “perfect” therapist is a never ending quest but if you’re looking for someone who is genuine and real yet creates a safe therapeutic space from the moment you walk in, Courtney is the one for you.” ~Gianni

I quickly was able to feel the genuineness in her message and approach.

“I've had the pleasure of knowing Courtney for 6 years now and benefiting from her mentorship. When we met, I was an undergraduate, not yet at where I wanted or needed to be in life. Despite this, she was persistent and supportive in helping me not only set, but reach my goals. I often went to her for career advice and she was able to provide me with resources to check out and assistance with my resume. I'm usually not one to open up and feel comfortable being personal with others, but I quickly was able to feel the genuineness in her message and approach.

Sometimes, I fell off and she was there to help me back up. Finding someone who won't judge you and just wants the best for you is not easy. Being around her is a breath of fresh air, and not only will she coach you, but also motivate you and empower you to believe in yourself. Her undying passion for helping others and seeing others succeed makes her unique. I always look forward to speaking with her, even if it's just a quick hello because her energy is so pure and infectious. You will not regret working with Courtney! To know her is to love her and she will help you! THANK YOU for so many years of continued support and mentorship.” ~Yaranny