Frequently Asked Questions


What do you mean by holistic coaching for well-being?

My view of coaching is a collaborative process in which you and I work together to dig deep and uncover goals you want to work toward. My role will be to help you gain deeper insight into your true self and discover ways to adjust your thinking or behaviors to remove barriers to your self-defined success. Working from a holistic perspective means that your goals will not be limited to one facet of your life - i.e. fitness goals or career goals - but we will examine the interconnectedness between these areas and how one informs and influences another. Finally, because my orientation is toward well-being, we will focus on your strengths and all the wonderful experiences you bring to this process, in order to help optimize your current and future path.

How is coaching different than counseling or therapy?

There is a lot of overlap between these two fields. Some experts considering coaching to be a specialization within the counseling field. Personally, I tend to view them as cousins.

Despite my formal education being in the field of counseling, I am drawn to coaching because it allows me to work with individuals in unique and wellness-focused ways. Coaching tends to be present and future oriented, as opposed to counseling which oftentimes examines the individual’s past. In coaching, we are able to spend our time looking at where you are and where you want to be, creating a plan, and moving in that direction, all while working from a place of your own potential and promise.

What does coaching look like? For example, how long will it take? Or where will we meet?

The coaching process will look different for each participant and will be developed specifically based on the background, areas of concern, strengths, and goals of the individual. My approach is person-centered, and I view my client as the lead in this production: I am not in charge of your life. You are. Together, we will discuss the changes you wish to see in your life and craft a plan unique to you that will help create the internal vision you’ve crafted for yourself.

We will plan a schedule that works for you based on the other constraints in your life. Ideally, we would meet between two and four times a month, perhaps for an hour at a time. Some sessions may be shorter, or longer, depending on the specific task at hand for where you are in the process. Our partnership may last several weeks, or several months, and will be driven by the goals you wish to accomplish.

Usually, I work with clients at One EPIC Place in New Paltz, but I do offer remote coaching. Telephone and videoconferencing (i.e. FaceTime or Skype) sessions are available.

How much does coaching cost?

Price options are designed to meet your needs. My goal is to make coaching available to anyone who seeks it. As such, I offer hourly rates as well as commitment packages that will save you money over the duration of the process. Group rates and referral rewards are also available.

While each individual coaching relationship will be unique, and therefore be tailored to specific needs.

Individual sessions: $125 per session;
Commitment packages: Enjoy a reduction in the single rate price by committing to multiple sessions. In some cases, this could mean up to a 50% discount!

Feeling budget conscious or only interested in some of the coaching practices? I am excited to offer a wide variety of workshops. Watch my events page for those!