Courtney Edwards

Coach. Counselor. Educator.

Hi! I am the human behind solavis. I am so glad you’re here.

If we’re going to work together, I am going to want to get to know all about you. But first, you should get to know a bit about me, too: my background and training and how those come together to best serve you.

My professional background is primarily in mental health and education, and I’ve worked as a psychotherapist in private practice, academic counselor for underrepresented college students, and in the area of vocational rehabilitation for individuals with psychiatric disabilities. I have also been teaching courses in psychology and in counselor education programs for future school and mental health counselors at Long Island University, Mount Saint Mary College, and SUNY New Paltz since 2012.

I’ve been engaged in advocacy work within the disability community for the past 10 years; a role bestowed upon me by my daughter, who was born with Down syndrome. Being her mom and a voice for individuals with differing abilities are among my proudest accomplishments.

Outside of my professional experience, I love being outdoors. My name - solavis - is based on the ideas of sunshine and flight. Outdoor spaces and movement are restorative. Curative. My fitness journey began with my introduction to yoga more than a decade and a half ago. More recently, I am an avid runner, love hiking in the Catskill and Adirondack regions of New York, and last summer started enjoying the trails on my mountain bike, Gladys. Holistic well-being is also important to me, including utilization of meditation, acupuncture, and essential oils to promote my own self-care and wellness.

I guess I wouldn’t be very good at my work if I didn’t tell you the most important parts, too: I am an INFJ, an SCE, an Enneagram 3, an Aquarius, and a Hufflepuff. My CliftonStrengths top 5 are Restorative, Input, Context, Connectedness, and Learning. I have a deep rooted love for personality metrics.

I cannot wait to start working with you! xo