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Coaching. Counseling. Education.

Solavis {soul-ah-vee} Holistic Coaching for Well-being is a unique approach that extends beyond traditional life coaching. Courtney Edwards, the proprietor of Solavis, pulls from her varied past professional roles to help you move beyond mental and emotional stumbling blocks and move forward on the path toward your deepest potential, with increased self-acceptance and authenticity.

Many life coaches can offer you a guide toward identifying, setting, and reaching your goals in your personal and professional pursuits. Courtney’s training as a counselor allows for this process to go much deeper, and she will work with you to explore negative thoughts or limiting beliefs, self-confidence, or other obstacles. Her past experience as a psychotherapist allows the coaching relationship to be framed in a context of understanding personal psychology and incorporate thought processes and emotional experiences. As a university professor, Courtney also infuses the coaching relationship with opportunities to learn new ways of being and more deeply understand the factors that contribute to personal well-being.

Working with Courtney allows you to benefit from the complete package - a holistic view of your life from multiple angles: relationships, spiritual connection, career fulfillment, fitness, and emotional well-being.

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Located in New Paltz, NY; remote and off-site coaching available throughout the Hudson Valley area.

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